Jon Couch  ➝  Well versed in many aspects of design. 
(UX, UI, graphic design, animation & digital art )
I work hard to learn and stay on top of industry trends, solve the toughest design problems – and bring a very unique design style. Currently located in Calgary, AB, Canada.
Jan 2015 - Aug 2022 (7 years): Senior designer from startup to acquisition. I was responsible for much of their design initiatives including UI/UX, animation, print design and more. References: Josh Fraser and Evan McIntosh
Real Estate Webmasters
Sep 2013 - Jan 2015 (1.5 years): Enterprise Designer at REW, one of the largest real estate platforms online. I created websites, apps, print design and more for some of the top agents and brokerages in North America. References: Garet Hindman and CEO Morgan Carey
Agency Experience
I've also had the chance to work with many other companies throughout my career. These include GetOn Marketing Agency (6.5 years), Crime Stoppers, Frostybot Marketing, SplitDivision Studios and Navigator MM.
I am very well versed in Adobe's Photoshop and Illustrator. I am moderately proficient with Premiere and After Effects. In addition to design, I'm very experienced with CSS (SASS) and HTML and working with frameworks like Bootstrap. I've also worked with platforms like Wordpress, Joomla and custom content management systems.
Key Skills
Graphic Design – Photoshop & Illustrator
UI / UX Design (Figma x Adobe XD)
Responsive development (HTML/CSS)
Branding & Identity Creation
CMS + Frameworks (Wordpress, Laravel, Bootstrap)
Video Editing & Animation
 Print Design
Center for Arts & Technology Okanagan (CATO)
In 2004 I attended a program called VEID, or Virtual Environments Interactive Design at CATO. The program included courses on web design, animation, web-programming, and audio engineering.
Awards & Recognition
Unsplash Editorial Design Feature – Official Nova Visuals background featured in Unsplash Editorial design - Oct. 2022. Every day, thousands of new photos are submitted to Unsplash and only the best of the best are featured by the Editorial team.
Crime Stoppers Website Design Award (2011) – A yearly award issued by the BC Advisory Board of Crime Stoppers. Ease of navigation, speed of website load and overall aesthetics are the requirements to win the award.
CSS Website Design Showcases – Websites I've designed have been featured in CSS Mania, Webcreme and Phirebrush to name just a few.
Pure Design Award (Archive 2014) – Multiple designs and websites I designed were featured on the now closed
Spoono Wallpaper Design Award (Archive 2006) – Won the wallpaper design competition with my submission
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