Creating the Property Intelligence Platform.
The Goal:
Create an online platform that allows businesses and individuals to easily and instantly access all available property data, along with providing valuable insights into the region searched and data available to download.  
The team dealt with two primary challenges: Working with the sheer amount of data available, and having the search results appear instantly. Speed was a very important factor of the UX. Second was creating a pricing model the worked for each kind of user.
In order to keep the platform fast, we limited the amount of results shown to below 100 records and provided clear insights as to what data was available and it's overall field completeness. 
The pricing model was designed to work for each kind of user: Users who only wanted to look up single addresses, businesses who were looking for access to a specific region and criteria to download once, and power-users who needed access to many regions with varied search criteria.
Results & Learnings
The end result was a simple and easy to use platform with an overall flow that made sense to all of Estated's customers. Through split testing, customer interviews and research we were able to fine-tune a product that performed, increased revenue and customer satisfaction.
Each type of user had an opportunity to purchase only the data they needed instantly. Customers that only required specific data in certain area could purchase on a per record basis via the shopping cart. Users who wanted only access to one or more property reports could search with a 10-search trial. Finally, enterprise businesses could subscribe to plans that worked for their data needs.
Property data was also split between essential and premium plans. Premium data gave access to additional property data of ownership and deed records.
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